About Crescent Moon

Alpaca on the farm In 1997, Crescent Moon Ranch began to turn the fiber from their large herd of llamas into quality handcrafted duvets, mattress pads and pillows. As the products became very popular, Crescent Moon Ranch soon realized that they would require more fiber from other ranches. Alpaca became the fiber of choice because of its soft and porous nature and its ready availability. The ranch has since been sold but the Crescent Moon name lives on in the bedding products business. Crescent Moon Duvet & Pillow Co. is now owned and operated by Julie McLean.

Made in Canada Stitched moon

Our products are hand-crafted in Western Canada every step of the way. Our wool comes from ranches around BC and Alberta. The alpacas are shorn in the spring and the wool taken to a woolen mill where it is washed and mixed with sheep's wool to produce more loft. It is then made into batts and shipped directly to us. From there, we create our luxurious bedding products.

Julie on the quilting machine We hem each duvet or mattress pad on an industrial sewing machine. Pictured here is Julie working on a duvet while it is attached to the rollers of a long-arm quilting machine. Rows of "crescent moons" are stitched the full length and width of the piece which prevents any movement or "bunching" of the fiber inside the product.

Our duvets and mattress pads are then packaged in a reusable 100% cotton drawstring bag and shipped to stores in biodegradable plastic bags.

Sleeping Under the Crescent Moon
After many frustrating trips to the mall, and the purchase of a couple of duvets we thought were perfect, we still hadn't found 'the one.' You know the one I mean; it's keeps you snuggly warm... but not too warm and it is just as comfortable on a warm summer's night as it is when the wind tosses ice pellets at your bedroom window.
Suddenly an ephiphany! Why not contact Julie (McLean) of Crescent Moon Duvet and Pillow Co., tell her of our dilemma and see if she would recommend an alpaca duvet as a solution to our problem.
Soon the call was made, the order was placed for a king-sized, half weight, organic cotton and alpaca fibre-filled duvet.
It arrived within a matter of days -the first (pleasant) surprise. The second surprise was the smallness of the package: How could a king size duvet be compressed that much? Vacuum-packing is a wonderful thing.
Best of all, the new duvet is all we could have wished for. The quality of the materials and the superb craftsmanship are immediately evident. It is light and it breathes, which means that at 4am I am no longer digging my way out from under a mound of acrylic fluff... I'm still comfortably asleep. And I'm sure I'll enjoy the duvet just as much when the winter wind tosses ice pellets at my window. I certainly recommend Crescent Moon.
Sharon Parsons – Llamas-Alpacas.com