Let Us Make Your Bed!

Alpaca Crescent Moon Duvet & Pillow Co. starts you off with a handcrafted alpaca wool mattress pad. Snuggle down on a comfy pad of allergy free stuffing and then we'll envelop you with a beautiful alpaca duvet. Finally, under your head we place an alpaca stuffed pillow. Your sleep will be deeper, more restful.

Bed with Crescent Moon bedding Since 1997, Crescent Moon has supplied its customers with quality hand-crafted alpaca wool duvets, mattress pads and pillows. When you want bedding that is heavenly soft, non-allergenic, comfortable and natural, choose Crescent Moon products.

Come on in, check us out. We know you'll like what you see. We stand behind what we sell and each and every piece is guaranteed to satisfy!

My sister received her alpaca comforter promptly and in excellent condition. Now, after 4 nights of great sleeps, she understands why I've been raving about my own wonderful comforter!
Just wanted you to know that she now enjoys deeper and refreshing sleep every night, as do I. I had no idea that I really wasn't warm enough at night until I began using my own C/M comforter.
Many thanks to all you marvelous artisans at Crescent Moon.
Louise – CA, USA