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Alpaca Sleep Sets

Alpaca sleep set

Crescent Moon is pleased to offer alpaca duvets, mattress pads and pillows with outer coverings of 100% certified organic cotton 260 Thread Count (TC). Our 260 TC fabric has a pore size of 4.5 microns and is SKAL and GOTS certified. Our duvets are made with one ounce of alpaca wool batting per square foot. We also make a light weight duvet which can be used for the summer or for the extremely warm person in the winter.

Alpaca The mattress pads have one and one half ounces of batting per square foot. Sleeping on alpaca is very therapeutic especially for folks with body aches and pains.

Both the duvets and mattress pads are packaged in a reusable cotton drawstring bag.

Crib Twin Double Queen King
Duvet 42 × 54" 68 × 86" 78 × 86" 86 × 90" 90 × 102"
Mattress Pad 28 × 52" 39 × 74" 54 × 74" 60 × 80" 78 × 80"
PDF file Duvet Care and Cleaning Instructions
Download these instructions by right-clicking and selecting "Save as..." or simply click and then select "File / Print".
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Crescent Moon makes pillows in five sizes – travel, standard/queen, king, body and european with different weights for your comfort. We finish the edges with piping for a nice high-end look.

Travel Standard/Queen King Body Euro
16 × 20" 20 × 29" 20 × 36" 20 × 48" 27 × 27"
Dust mite duvet cover

Crescent Moon is now making duvet covers.

The percale fabric is 100% GOTS certified organic cotton in an ecru color with a thread cound of 200. We make our duvet covers with a zipper at the foot end for quick and easy insertion of your duvets. These covers are available in all the same sizes of our duvets from crib to CalKing. These will be custom made so allow about a week for shipping.

Dust mite mattress cover

Dust Mite Covers

Crescent Moon makes dust mite-proof encasements for your mattress and pillows. Dust mites measure from 100 to 300 microns and their feces can be as small as 10 microns which could break through many fabrics. Our 280 TC 100% organic cotton barrier fabric was lab tested and proved to have an average pore size of 3.8 microns. We make our dust mite covers with no artificial barrier for your sleeping comfort.

Our organic covers packaging

Our mattress encasements are available in all mattress sizes from 6" to 18" deep. Please measure your mattress for the best fit. The pillow covers come in all the same sizes as our pillows. We also make the pillow covers in our 260 TC fabric for a softer feel on your pillow.

We recommend pre-washing our covers in hot water and drying in a warm dryer for the best fit on your mattress or pillow.

Combined with our dust mite-proof alpaca mattress pad, duvet and pillows, you could have a totally dust mite-free sleep with Crescent Moon.

Sleeping Under the Crescent Moon
After many frustrating trips to the mall, and the purchase of a couple of duvets we thought were perfect, we still hadn't found 'the one.' You know the one I mean; it's keeps you snuggly warm... but not too warm and it is just as comfortable on a warm summer's night as it is when the wind tosses ice pellets at your bedroom window.
Suddenly an ephiphany! Why not contact Julie (McLean) of Crescent Moon Duvet and Pillow Co., tell her of our dilemma and see if she would recommend an alpaca duvet as a solution to our problem.
Soon the call was made, the order was placed for a king-sized, half weight, organic cotton and alpaca fibre-filled duvet.
It arrived within a matter of days -the first (pleasant) surprise. The second surprise was the smallness of the package: How could a king size duvet be compressed that much? Vacuum-packing is a wonderful thing.
Best of all, the new duvet is all we could have wished for. The quality of the materials and the superb craftsmanship are immediately evident. It is light and it breathes, which means that at 4am I am no longer digging my way out from under a mound of acrylic fluff... I'm still comfortably asleep. And I'm sure I'll enjoy the duvet just as much when the winter wind tosses ice pellets at my window. I certainly recommend Crescent Moon.
Sharon Parsons – Llamas-Alpacas.com